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Maximizing Employee Visibility with Software Solutions

Discover how employee visibility software solutions can help you maximize productivity and efficiency in your organization.


By ActivTrak

A manager reviewing a report from employee visibility software like ActivTrak.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing work environment, it’s essential for organizations to have a clear understanding of their employees’ activities and performance. Employee visibility software solutions are a powerful way to provide insight into how your employees are doing. These tools offer real-time monitoring and analytics, customizable dashboards, and a host of features designed to promote collaboration, communication and accountability among team members.

What is employee visibility software?

Employee visibility software or employee monitoring software is any software tool that allows you to see what team members are working on, track their productivity over time, and identify where employees may have challenges. It gives you insight into productivity trends, employee engagement and how workers may do with new processes or tools. Unlike employee or manager surveys, which only show you how team members perceive they or other colleagues perform, employee visibility software can give you more data about what employees work on, including time spent on tasks and where bottlenecks occur.

The importance of employee visibility

Employee visibility is essential for the success of any organization, both from a management perspective and from the perspective of employees themselves. It allows managers and leaders to monitor and track the performance of their employees effectively. By ensuring that you have the right tools in place to track productivity, you can gain valuable insights into your team’s strengths and weaknesses and find ways to improve. 

At the same time, giving employees visibility into their productivity and performance can help them feel empowered to improve. It can also give them opportunities to celebrate successes and give them hard data on how they contribute to their team and company objectives. Managers and employees can use employee visibility software to create more meaningful employee performance review sessions, training and rewards systems. 

Employee visibility is especially important in fast-paced work environments where companies have to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. By having a clear understanding of how your employees are doing, you can make informed decisions about how to allocate resources and prioritize projects. With the right employee visibility software, you can spend more time helping your employees achieve goals and less time trying to find and resolve problems like bottlenecks or resource gaps. 

Benefits of employee visibility software

These tools can offer benefits to organizations of all sizes such as:

Boosting team collaboration and communication

One of the key benefits of employee visibility software is that it promotes better team collaboration and communication. By giving team members access to real-time updates and analytics, you can foster a culture of transparency and encourage employees to work together more effectively. 

Custom dashboards can be used to highlight key employee performance metrics, such as project milestones and deadlines, which can further improve team collaboration. By providing employees with a clear understanding of what’s expected of them and how their work fits into the larger picture, you can help them feel more connected to their team and the organization as a whole.

Enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction

Another benefit of employee performance tracking is it can help improve employee engagement and satisfaction. By providing employees with visibility into their performance, you can help them take ownership of their work and feel empowered to make improvements. This can be a game changer for performance reviews by providing both managers and employees with real data about their productivity. 

Real-time feedback and performance tracking can help employees identify areas where they’re doing well and where they can focus their efforts more. You can create a more positive work environment that fosters growth and development by providing them with the tools they need to succeed and recognizing their achievements. This can also help you retain top talent over time. 

Improve performance tracking and accountability

Finally, employee visibility software can help improve performance tracking and accountability within your organization. By monitoring key metrics and providing real-time data, you can ensure that employees meet their goals and perform at their best. 

Additionally, by tracking employee performance over time, you can identify trends and make adjustments to your processes and procedures to ensure that your team has everything they need to meet their goals. This can help you stay ahead of your competition and drive long-term growth for your organization. 

Key features of employee visibility software

In order to get the most out of this type of software, you’ll want to choose a solution with the following features:

Real-time monitoring and analytics

Employee visibility software should be able to provide real-time monitoring and analytics so that you can keep track of your team’s activities and performance at all times. This can include tracking key metrics like productivity, attendance and work quality. 

Customizable dashboards and reporting

Customizable dashboards and reporting allow you to tailor the software to your organization’s needs and goals. This can include customizing reports and dashboards to highlight key metrics that are most important to your team.

Integration with existing tools and platforms

The tool you choose should integrate with your technology stack including project management software and communication tools. This will help ensure that your team can start using the new software right away.

Data security and privacy considerations

Any software solution needs to include data security and privacy solutions. Look for employee visibility software that prioritizes data security and includes features like encryption and user authentication, including dual-factor authentication. 

How to choose the best employee visibility software for your organization

When it comes to choosing the right employee visibility software for your organization, there are some key factors to consider.

Your organization’s unique needs and goals

Before selecting any software solution, it’s important to assess your organization’s specific needs and goals. This includes determining what kind of metrics and analytics you want to track, as well as which tools and platforms your team already uses. 

Features, user experience and support

Start by looking for solutions that have all the features you need. Once you’ve come up with a list of which software solutions come with the essential must-haves, you can move on to comparing extra features, plus the user experience and support. Reviews from existing customers will be especially helpful here. 

Price and scalability

Your budget is going to be another issue to consider, so it’s important to select a solution that your organization can afford. At the same time, you’ll want to ensure the solution can also scale with your company as you grow. 

Best practices to implement employee visibility software

Once you’ve selected the right solution for your organization, it’s important to get it up and running effectively. Here are some best practices for doing so:

Set clear expectations and guidelines

Before rolling out the new software, make sure to set clear expectations and guidelines for how it should be used and what information you’re planning to get from it. This can include establishing metrics and goals for team members, as well as explaining clearly why you’re using the software so that you can get buy-in from all of your team members. 

Provide ample training and support for employees

Another aspect of getting buy-in from your teams is by providing enough training and support to make sure they’re comfortable using the new software and that they fully understand its benefits. You may need to provide one-on-one training and group training sessions. 

Regularly review and adjust goals

As you get data from the software, you may find that you learn new aspects of your team’s work that you were previously unaware of. It’s a good idea to review goals often and adjust accordingly. 

Encourage feedback and continuous improvement

Finally, be sure to encourage feedback from team members and always look for ways to improve the software and its effectiveness. This may involve soliciting feedback through regular surveys or incorporating a review into existing annual reviews. 

Learn about ActivTrak’s employee productivity visibility software

Employee visibility software can be a powerful tool for organizations to maximize their team’s performance and improve their bottom line. ActivTrak provides companies with employee visibility software that gives them real-time monitoring, customizable dashboards and integration with existing tools so they can help promote team collaboration, boost employee engagement and satisfaction, and improve performance tracking and accountability. Get a free demo of ActivTrak to find out more. 

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