ActivTrak 2.4 Release Notes

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  • Replaced demo mode with three users, freeware version requiring online registration.
  • Added option to show Net View of local subnet on Viewer startup. On by default.
  • Added functionality to directly open a current month log analysis for a computer in a Net View.

  • Added configurable double click action for computers in Net View. (Snapshot, current month log, or current month analysis)
  • Modified log analysis to show window title of subpages.
  • Modified the file open dialog to add ‘All ActivTrak files’ as a file type selection.
  • Modified initial Snapshot window size to trim white space from right or bottom in Actual Pixel mode.
  • Documented log file redirection to provide support for network based storage. Provided .adm file for specifying network directory and data retention period.
  • Fixed log analysis bug where log records with missing executable name and non-zero duration caused invalid analysis.
  • Fixed Agent uninstall to eliminate occasional crash of active UI program as hook was removed. Allows remote uninstall on local.
  • Computer to function error free.
  • Added background check for updates.
  • Added link to order page on Update dialog and on License count exceeded dialog.
  • Updated help file.