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4 Ways ActivTrak Improves Sales Team Performance

Is your sales team missing out on valuable insights on how reps do their best work? Here are four ways ActivTrak can help your team achieve greater success.


By ActivTrak

4 Ways ActivTrak Improves Sales Team Performance

What does it mean to be a data-driven sales organization? It’s true that many sales teams are highly efficient when it comes to leveraging the data living inside their customer relationship management (CRM) software. 

However, CRM data alone doesn’t tell the full story of how salespeople do their best work. To truly understand the factors that drive sales success and pipeline creation, sales leaders need deeper insight into their sales reps’ work habits. 

Let’s take a look at how leading workforce analytics solution ActivTrak helps sales organizations obtain a clearer picture of the activities that lead to sales success.

Sales Teams are Maximizing Productivity

Check out our solution brief to learn how sales organizations are improving
productivity and operational efficiency with ActivTrak.  

Increase sales productivity and efficiency 

Just as businesses pore over customer data to improve the customer experience, they should be just as enthusiastic about digging into employee data to improve the employee experience. For sales teams, that means making sure reps are using their time wisely so they can meet quota without overworking themselves and risking burnout

That’s exactly what ActivTrak for Salesforce does by combining productivity data from ActivTrak with sales rep activity data from Salesforce. Using this powerful integration, you can uncover high-performance patterns across your sales team. For instance, you might learn that reps who have a consistent start time each day are more productive and generate more opportunities. 

ActivTrak productivity analytics dashboard highlighting employees who are working excessive hours and may be at risk of burnout.
ActivTrak utilization summary, highlighting employees who are working excessive hours and may be at risk of burnout.

Insights from ActivTrak can also help you spot workflow bottlenecks so you can take action. Perhaps you introduced a new messaging tool at the beginning of the year that is distracting reps throughout the day. ActivTrak would allow you to quantify these distractions so you can devise a solution (e.g., muting notifications and scheduling focus time blocks).

Build a culture of transparency and open communication 

While some perceive sales as being an intense, dog-eat-dog world, that’s not the case for the modern sales organization. Sustainable business growth can only be achieved when every member of the sales team is successful and thriving in their work.  

Using ActivTrak to unlock key insights about employees’ work habits and time spent on digital activities gives sales leaders the insights to more effectively coach sales reps of all experience levels. Sales managers can use ActivTrak Coach, our virtual productivity mentor, to:

  • Quickly and effectively onboard new team members
  • Intervene early when a rep is trending toward a slump 
  • Recognize successes and replicate high-performance habits  
  • Track week-over-week progress to assess the impact of ongoing coaching efforts

Set smarter sales goals and measure progress 

How can you be sure your sales team’s goals are aggressive yet attainable? One useful tool is ActivTrak’s historic benchmarks report which lets you compare benchmarks and trends between your upper quartile performers and the team average.

This allows you to see how productivity and focus have changed over a given time frame — one, four, twelve weeks, etc. It also provides the opportunity to set realistic goals based on how team members are doing now and how they can improve in the future. You can then continue to use these benchmarks to assess each salespersons’ progress against the goals you have set.

Empower reps to chart their own path to success 

Salespeople are highly motivated to achieve their goals, which means they will likely capitalize on the chance to optimize their performance. In the spirit of transparency, the ActivTrak Personal Insights Dashboard puts sales reps in control of their own success by showing them opportunities to revamp their workday, protect focus time, and ensure their emotional well-being. 

For example, a sales rep could use these insights to have proactive discussions with his or her manager about designing a new schedule for optimal productivity or addressing a workload imbalance based on a high burnout risk score. 

Last but not least, salespeople can use their Personal Insights Dashboards to keep track of personal improvements and their overall career journey. Having data that demonstrates their growth allows each sales team member to see how far they’ve come, as well as the role the company has played in helping them reach the next level of their career.

Give your sales team superpowers with workforce analytics 

To have a holistic understanding of how your sales team does their best work, it’s become necessary to supplement customer-centric information with employee-centric data. For the modern sales organization, this means having clearer visibility into vast amounts of digital activity that will, in turn, generate insights about how salespeople can do their jobs more effectively. 

Want to see ActivTrak in action? Contact us for more information or start your free trial today.

About ActivTrak

ActivTrak helps digital workforces work wiser and thrive. More than 9,500 customers and 550,000 users have deployed our workforce analytics platform to gain insights and metrics about digital work so they can measure and optimize productivity and wellness with the employee in mind. These innovations have been recognized by the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, the Inc. 5000, and the Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology award. Based in Austin, Texas, ActivTrak is backed by Sapphire Ventures and Elsewhere Partners, and led by a seasoned team of software industry veterans. To learn more visit:

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