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Remote Working During Coronavirus:
Is Your Business Set Up for Success?

ActivTrak helps companies “see” how employees work to ensure productivity, security, and compliance across a remote workforce

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is disrupting workplaces around the world as more and more companies mandate that employees work from home. It is an enormous stress test for businesses that must react in real time without disrupting key operations.

ActivTrak is a cloud-based user activity monitoring solution that helps companies understand how remote employees spend their time online. The application can be deployed and configured in minutes to identify operational bottlenecks, flag security and compliance risks, and provide valuable insights to employees and employers that improve productivity outcomes when working remotely.

For companies struggling with how to implement a remote work plan, ActivTrak helps them answer questions such as:

  • What devices are employees using to log in to corporate networks?
  • Are they logging in from a private network at home or a public network at a coffee shop?
  • Which communication tools are they using the most: email, messaging, or collaboration?
  • What time of day are they most productive vs. least productive?
  • How does that compare to other employees in similar roles?
  • How does this data trend across individuals, teams, and departments?
  • Which employees are online and available to service incoming calls to the business during peak load activity?

ActivTrak is affordable and easy-to-use, with multiple licensing options, including monthly plans that start at $9 per user per month. Businesses of all sizes can get started with a free trial by creating an account online at New users just download the ActivTrak agent; install the agent on the computers they want to track; and gain insights immediately in the ActivTrak web application.

The solution provides visibility into user online activity, as well as activity alarms, USB tracking, website blocking, risk scoring, and much more.

There are 5,000 ActivTrak commercial customers and over 100,000 users of ActivTrak’s Free version worldwide. The product has won numerous industry awards including PCMag Editors’ Choice: Best Employee Monitoring Software for 2019; CyberSecurity Breakthrough: User Behavior Analytics Platform of the Year; CIO Applications: Top 10 Remote Monitoring Solution Providers; and Lifehack: 10 Smartest Productivity Software to Boost Work Performance.

“Businesses worldwide are facing one of the most challenging economic and operational crises in decades. Remote work is not new, but the coronavirus has increased the speed and scale with which companies have had to embrace this kind of working model,” said Rita Selvaggi, CEO of ActivTrak. “We’re seeing this across our existing customer base, and in the spike of new prospects who are looking for a user activity monitoring solution. ActivTrak gives businesses the data they need to make informed decisions during this difficult time.”


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