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ActivTrak Announces Integration with Salesforce for Sales Productivity Insights

Integration enables sales teams to identify work habits that contribute to better performance and productivity

ActivTrak, a workforce analytics platform provider, today announced a new integration with Salesforce, the global CRM leader. The integration will allow ActivTrak’s customers to correlate workforce productivity data with lead and opportunity metrics in Salesforce, to drive more sales. 

Insights from the ActivTrak/Salesforce integration help identify work habits that contribute to new leads and opportunities, as well as potential bottlenecks in workflows. The integration also measures the success of onboarding programs for new sales reps — identifying who meets desired goals and who may need additional coaching and support. Through personal productivity insight reports, individual sales reps can quickly identify opportunities for self-improvement and work with their managers on development plans and schedule optimization.   

“Sales organizations spend a tremendous amount of their work day completing tasks in collaboration, CRM and other digital tools to qualify leads and build a pipeline of new business opportunities,” said ActivTrak’s Chief Product Officer Ramon Chen. “With ActivTrak’s Salesforce integration, both individuals and organizations can now get a deeper understanding of their most productive work habits, recognize successes and coach team members in ways that improve their performance and productivity to drive more sales.”


The integration delivers a side-by-side analysis from Salesforce and ActivTrak, showing correlations and ratios for lead and opportunity management. Insights help users understand how productivity drives opportunity and lead conversion team-wide and per rep, with metrics that include:

  • New leads qualified vs. productive time
  • New opportunities created vs. productive time
  • Tasks completed vs. productive time
  • Time spent in collaboration and sales tools 
  • Number of leads qualified, number of opportunities created and tasks completed


The integration is available to all ActivTrak Advanced and Premium customers through ActivConnect and can be leveraged through a direct integration into ActivTrak or via pre-built Microsoft Power BI templates.

To learn more about the integration with Salesforce, read ActivTrak’s latest blog post here.


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