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ActivTrak Introduces Location Insights to Help Leaders Understand Where Their Teams Work Best

Location-specific productivity data supports remote, office and hybrid work decisions

ActivTrak today announced the addition of Location Insights to its award-winning workforce analytics platform. The new feature helps leaders make data-driven decisions about remote, office and hybrid work by understanding the impact of location on employee productivity and work habits. 

According to a recent Microsoft Work Trend Index1, 80% of employees say they are just as or more productive since going remote or hybrid, but 54% of leaders fear productivity has been negatively impacted since the shift. 

ActivTrak Location Insights answer questions such as “How frequently do people use the office?” “Are employees more productive in the office vs. remote?” “How much time is lost commuting?” “Which employees and teams need more in-person collaboration time?” and “Are my employees adhering to our new in-office policy?”.

These insights help leaders ensure balanced workloads and productivity across employees, and define remote work policies such as “in-office work days”. They also help them assess office space requirements and whether to reduce their physical footprint or redesign it to accommodate new ways of working.

Location Insights identify an employee’s primary work location for a given day as remote, office or hybrid without capturing private details such as geo-location. They also provide visibility into office utilization so leaders can determine which work environment is most conducive to productivity, and develop and optimize hybrid work policies that support work-life balance, well-being and business needs. This includes:

  • Productive hours per day by location
  • Location breakdown across remote, hybrid, office
  • Location distribution by week


These insights are particularly important to ensure the success of newly on-boarded employees who may need additional support and cultural integration to feel like they are part of the company.

“When asked what workplace shift in response to COVID-19 had the most positive impact on them as employees, 45% of employee respondents in our Employee Lifecycle and HR 2021 survey said ‘the ability to work remotely’. If the operational savings were not enough to drive permanent support for remote work, businesses will also need to consider the employee impact. Having no remote or hybrid work option could hamper recruiting efforts in industries where it has undoubtedly become the norm,” said Conner Forrest, Senior Research Analyst, 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence2.

“Companies around the world are grappling with decisions about hybrid work policies that impact employee turnover, the health of their business and their bottom lines,” said ActivTrak’s Chief Product Officer Ramon Chen. “Meanwhile, employees working remotely know they have been more productive than ever and want data that supports their efforts and well-being. Location Insights represent the next stage in the evolution of workforce analytics—one that connects place with productivity, performance and personal work preferences to help employees and companies work wiser.”

Location Insights will be available for early access beginning Sept., 2022. To learn more, visit: 



Media Contact:
Cybele Diamandopoulos
ActivTrak, Inc.
[email protected]


1Microsoft 2022 Work Trend Index: Annual Report “Great Expectations: Making Hybrid Work Work,” March 16, 2022
2451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. Voice of the Enterprise: Workforce Productivity & Collaboration, Employee Lifecycle & HR 2021
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