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ActivTrak Execs to Speak on Workforce Analytics at CIO’s Future of Work Summit

IT leaders convene to discuss innovations and best practices

ActivTrak today announced its executives will speak at CIO’s Future of Work Summit, an IDG event designed for a new era of business productivity, to be held virtually, Sept. 21-23, 2021. ActivTrak CEO Rita Selvaggi, Chief Product Officer Ramon Chen and Head of Productivity Lab Gabriela Mauch will discuss new technologies to power hybrid work, the role of data and analytics to balance work and life successfully, and managing the shift to digital workspaces, processes and culture.


CIO’s Future of Work Summit Sessions with ActivTrak

Hybrid Work and the New Tech Stack: Balancing People, Process and Technology
Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 2:55pm ET

Join Ramon Chen, chief product officer, ActivTrak discusses how success in today’s hybrid and remote workplace requires new technologies for better insights. These tools can help boost visibility into employee productivity, resource usage and workflow processes to optimize performance and outcomes. Join us as we discuss the power of workforce data and how IT leaders should be rethinking today’s tech stack to power the future of work.

Analytics and the Art of Hybrid Work Success
Wednesday, Sept 22 at 2:50pm ET

Rita Selvaggi, CEO of ActivTrak, joins IDG’s John Gallant to explore the role of data and analytics in making hybrid work actually work for your company. This session will cover how in order to create and implement an effective hybrid work strategy, you have to truly understand what employees are doing, what tools and applications they’re using, and how they are collaborating to balance work and life successfully. 

Managing the Shift to Digital Workspaces, Processes and Culture
Thursday, Sept. 23 at 2:10pm ET

Organizations are focusing their workplace management and investments on digital efficiencies, along with employee engagement and well-being. At the same time, they’ve got a keen eye on deploying AI to augment human work, or eliminate repetitive human tasks. Gabriela Mauch, head of Productivity Lab at ActivTrak joins Eileen Lowry, director, offering management, IBM Digital Business Automation, and IDG’s John Gallant to discuss how organizations can navigate these changes within a combination of shared, hybrid and remote workspaces.


Rita Selvaggi, CEO, ActivTrak

Ramon Chen, chief product officer, ActivTrak

Gabriela Mauch, head of Productivity Lab, ActivTrak


CIO Future of Work Summit 


Sept. 21-23, 2021


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