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ActivTrak Launches Workforce Productivity Lab, a Global Resource for Performance Insights, Expertise, and Excellence

Gabriela Mauch Appointed to Lead Productivity Lab, Brings Expertise in Organizational Effectiveness, Leadership, and Design from McDonald’s, McKinsey & Company, and KPMG.

ActivTrak, Inc., a leader in workforce productivity and analytics software, today announced the launch of the ActivTrak Productivity Lab, an online global resource for workforce productivity research, industry benchmark data, and proven best practices to fuel improved workplace performance and business results.

Backed by a dedicated team of experts and practitioners in workforce productivity, information technology, and data science, the Productivity Lab aims to help organizations better leverage people, process, and technology data to strengthen the science behind productivity metrics.

Around the world, workplace operations look very different today than they did just twelve months ago. Now, as organizations settle into new ways of doing things, they must rethink what high performance teams look like, as well as how to define and evaluate new performance metrics and outcomes. 

What the Lab Will Study

ActivTrak’s Productivity Lab will study a wide range of topics utilizing data-driven insights and expert collaboration. Research will span geographies, industries, business functions, and roles with data sourced from ActivTrak’s workforce analytics platform used by more than 7,500 customers and 100,000 users, as well as other third-party sources. It will be made available in various easy-to-consume formats including use cases, benchmarks, data templates, tool kits, research reports, training, and more.   

Productivity Lab research will study:

  • Trends across organizations, functions, teams, and roles such as optimal work hours, burnout risks, and collaboration habits 
  • Roadblocks across people, processes, and technology such as inadequate training or failed technology adoption
  • Distractions & Interruptions such as continuous news and social media “noise” during election season 
  • Actions & Responses such as modifying work schedules to eliminate burnout and maximize focus 
  • Culture & Innovation such as how supportive and positive workplaces lead to more engaged and productive workforces 
  • Strategy Shifts that reveal how changes in company leadership or direction can impact productivity and business performance

“The realization is growing — businesses are beginning to recognize that by providing day-to-day experiences that empower employees to fulfill their productive potential they will be able to generate the kinds of innovation in work practices and behaviors that allow them to thrive in the digital age,” said Chris Marsh, Principal Research Analyst, 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. “This has made space for tools and technologies that help businesses understand how their workforce operates, where distracting and wasteful practices exist, how organizational practices and structures impact behaviors, and what are the right baselines for effective operational processes.” [Footnote: 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, special report commissioned by ActivTrak, Using Productivity Analytics to Measure and Improve Performance & Engagement, October 2020].

Expert Leadership Team

To spearhead these efforts, ActivTrak has named Gabriela Mauch as Leader of Productivity Lab strategy and operations. Prior to ActivTrak, Mauch helped launch McDonald’s first Organizational Effectiveness & Leadership Center of Excellence, and spent years working across the McDonald’s system to implement solutions that empowered employees, improved processes, and leveraged technologies in the digital age. She also held roles as a people and change consultant at KPMG, and an organizational solutions lead at McKinsey & Company.  

Also joining the team, Victor Obando has been named Productivity Lab Technical Director. Obando is an experienced technology adviser and information security advocate with more than 16 years of experience in enterprise software applications, cloud solutions, information security, and compliance. Prior to ActivTrak, he was the director of solutions architecture at AT&T Cybersecurity responsible for supporting the MSSP business and enterprise customers worldwide.

“As traditional office settings give way to more remote and hybrid work models, it’s crucial that productivity measurement and performance improvement evolve and adapt as well,” said Mauch. “The Productivity Lab will serve as a powerful, global resource for workforce analytics that is relevant, comprehensive, and consumable. It’s an honor to join the ActivTrak team to lead this endeavor and impact the future of work — so organizations, teams, and people can discover new ways to work better every day.”


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