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451 Research Report

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This special report is a must-have for organizations who are re-thinking Performance Management for today’s distributed workforces.

Many businesses are plagued with ‘strategic debt’ – the gap between their strategic goals and their ability to execute against them operationally. The root cause is commonly the pervasive daily friction most employees experience across their tools and workflows. 

It’s no surprise then that businesses are looking for ways to get a handle on this and be more systematic in understanding and perpetuating the behaviors that lead their employees to be more productive. 

In this report, 451 Research details why this has become a transformation priority, where productivity analytics can support that, and what metrics are key to gaining meaningful insights.  

Download this report to learn:

  • How businesses can apply insights to drive productive behaviors 
  • Why workforce analytics is shifting to a productivity focus
  • What the key indicators of productivity
  • And, how to measure productivity in the workplace

About 451 Research

451 Research is a global research and advisory firm that generates data-driven insight to empower technology and service providers, IT leaders and financial professionals to capitalize on their market opportunity.