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Since its inception in 2011, has experienced rapid growth. The company was created to solve a traveling golfer’s worst nightmare: not receiving his or her golf clubs on time. It’s since expanded into shipping skis, luggage, and more. As the most reliable and cost-effective shipping service available, Ship Sticks has partnered with the world’s finest golf resorts, country clubs, and hotels to allow for an effortless shipping experience.

The four-time consecutive winner of Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award for “Best Golf Club Shipper”  wanted to be better than the best. Ship Sticks knew there were areas of the business that could be improved upon. Dedicated to providing top-notch customer service, the company zeroed in on the Customer Call Center team in an effort to help drive employee productivity and operational efficiency. With data collected through ActivTrak’s employee monitoring solution, Ship Sticks was able to identify bottlenecks and optimize performance across the call center team.

A Crystal-clear View of Employee Workflow

In order to improve efficiency, you must first have the ability to measure it. For the Ship Sticks management team, understanding how work gets done in the call center is critical to their success. Part of increasing efficiency is finding instances of misspent time.

“There are two ways to look at misspent time: one is from the parental perspective, which is not the objective that we had,” explains Nick Coleman, CEO of Ship Sticks. Instead, company management was looking to tighten up the customer service representative (CSR) workflow. The data ActivTrak collected showed them that CSRs were opening multiple applications just to service one customer.

ActivTrak’s Activity Log

With detailed reports like the Activity Log, they discovered that lag time in jumping back and forth between applications was at least seven seconds per click. Along with that, application usage data helped Ship Sticks management determine which software applications CSRs needed on their computers and which ones they didn’t. Coleman and his team used that information to eliminate unnecessary applications and create a more streamlined technology.

Better Efficiency Means Better Customer Service

There are worse things than calling customer service, but not many. Ship Sticks is aware that most people want to spend as little time on the phone as possible. They accomplish this by increasing the efficiency of their CSRs. Ship Sticks uses ActivTrak to identify misspent time by revealing trends when accessing internal tools.

Eliminating extra clicks and lag time means Ship Sticks’ CSRs have more time to serve other customers. “The seven seconds or ten seconds that they’re spending while you’re silenced on the phone is ten more seconds per call that we gain to service another customer,” Coleman says.

It also means the customer doesn’t have to sit on the phone in awkward silence while the CSR waits for an application to load. As nice as your hold music may be, customers want their issues dealt with quickly and with minimal friction.

Informed Staffing Decisions

Oftentimes, businesses struggle with determining how to staff an organization. Figuring out how many employees are needed, which departments, and at what times can be overwhelming. Since ActivTrak tracks all computer activities, Ship Sticks can analyze how each employee uses their CRM tools. “That insight is very important because that insight goes to staffing and staffing is a very big expense,” Coleman says.

top applications at ActivTrak

ActivTrak’s Top Applications Report

Historical data is instrumental in forecasting volume of work. Ship Sticks reviews ActivTrak reports to discover trends and patterns in the number of active employees or the total time an application is used. This information helps them determine peak call times, when staff is needed, and when they’re not needed.

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Continuing to look for new ways to improve

A year into ActivTrak use, Ship Sticks executives say they’ll continue to use the team behavior analytics software to increase employee efficiency and provide a better customer service experience for their customers.

Customers aren’t the only ones who reap the benefits. Management says the CSRs appreciate the improvements made to their workflow. “They’re grateful and they’re thankful [for the changes we’ve implemented based on ActivTrak data]. They’re like, ‘Wow, I can do this much faster,’” Coleman says.

Whether it’s used to get a clear view of how employees work, to become more efficient, or to make smarter staffing decisions, Ship Sticks understands the importance of behavioral data. And with the insights gathered from ActivTrak, Ship Sticks is able to become better at what they set out to do almost a decade ago: eliminate the aggravations associated with traveling.


Ship Sticks provides a door-to-door shipping solution for the traveling golfer who desires a hassle-free traveling experience. As the most reliable and cost-effective shipping service available, Ship Sticks has partnered with the world’s finest golf resorts, country clubs, and hotels to allow for an effortless shipping experience.

ship sticks office

Ship Sticks HQ

Shipping golf clubs and luggage with allows you to save time and money at the airport by avoiding the long check-in lines, crowded baggage terminals, and expensive baggage fees. Whether your clubs are being picked up from your home or office, Ship Sticks guarantees an on-time delivery to wherever you’re staying or playing. For more information, please visit

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ActivTrak is a workforce productivity and analytics software company that helps teams understand how people work, whether in office or remote. Our cloud-based user activity monitoring platform collects and analyzes data and provides insights to help mid-market enterprises be more productive and compliant. With more than 7,500 customers and over 100,000 users of its Free version, ActivTrak’s award-winning solution can be configured in minutes to provide immediate visibility and analysis.

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