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Survey results: Hybrid work is here to stay and managerial coaching is a top concern

With the rapid adoption of remote/hybrid work in the last year, new tools and techniques are needed to help managers and teams succeed.

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No level of risk aversion or disaster preparedness could have equipped employers to respond to the challenges of the past year. Yet, many organizations responded quickly and adapted accordingly, finding new ways to not only survive, but to thrive.

ActivTrak recently surveyed 130 customers to learn how Covid impacted team productivity over the past 12 months and what strategies and/or concerns are top of mind as they move forward post-pandemic. 

One thing is clear: as companies return to work, hybrid work will be a primary model with 54% of organizations planning to experiment with different working arrangements. 

This introduces new challenges and opportunities, and requires new tools and techniques to help managers and employees navigate the experiences and expectations of hybrid work successfully. 

Here’s what the survey data showed in more detail:

Pre vs. Post Pandemic Productivity and Growth Intentions

Similar to other industry findings, the majority of organizations (58%) felt they were actually more productive than they were pre-pandemic, contributing to plans to steadily or aggressively grow (62%) over the next year.

Approaches to Productivity Measurement

However, despite such growth plans, when given multiple choices the majority (61%) did not have a consistent approach to measuring productivity, instead relying on a mix of observation (50%), inference from business performance (43%) or other options (9%). 

Where Organizations Are Asking for the Most Support

Not surprisingly, these findings carry over into where organizations need the most support to improve employee and team productivity. Managerial coaching was the top area of concern (23%) with regard to recognizing obstacles and having dialogue with employees, followed by measurement (21%) and lack of clarity around needs  (16%).

Survey Respondents Included:

This data is telling, as managers and directors made up the majority of survey respondents (59%), followed by practitioners (20%) and CxOs (9%).

As more companies embrace hybrid work, managers need new tools to understand how their teams are working, ensure everyone is focused on the right priorities and support healthy work habits. 

ActivTrak Coach, the newest feature in Activtrak’s Workforce Analytics platform, is a  virtual productivity coach that analyzes your team’s data every week to identify patterns and habits that should be addressed so your team can work wiser.  ActivTrak Coach provides personalized recommendations on how to fine-tune workload balance, productivity, efficiency, and focus across your team, making 1:1 and team meetings impactful and action-oriented. This supports a culture of continuous improvement by encouraging employee-employer engagement and collaboration, no matter when or where they work. Your personal productivity Coach is waiting for you in ActivTrak Premium!

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