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Deploying the Agent using the ActivTrak Remote Installer

Help Center Team

April 20, 2023

Our Remote Installer tool is only available to paid accounts and works best when paired with an Active Directory server setup. To use it, you must be on the same network as the destination PC, with domain admin privileges. At this time, the remote installer is only available for PC.

How To:

1. First, download and install the remote installation tool from https://app.activtrak.com/#/app/downloads.

2. Next, download the Windows agent from the Dashboard. 


You should now have two files in your downloads:


3. Run the RemoteInstaller file first; the following window will appear:


4. Click on "Browse" (highlighted above) and navigate to where the agent that was downloaded is saved. By default, this will usually be in your "Downloads folder".


5. Once the agent has been directed to, the remote install tool will show the agent version that is being installed.

6. Now direct the installer to where it needs to be installed. The three options to do this are, enter an IP address, computer name, or click Browse to find the computer on the network. 


7. After entering in the computer information, the remote tool will query that machine to make sure it can connect, and also check to see if there is an agent already installed. Once it has made a connection and shows an agent status, we can now click "Install" (or "Uninstall" if removing the agent) to remotely install the agent to that machine. 


8. Once the installation is complete, the remote tool will provide a confirmation message:


NOTE: If Chrome activity isn't being reported after your remote install, please redeploy following the steps above AND make sure to check the box next to "Chrome Extension" in Step 3. For additional assistance, please reach out to ActivTrak Support.

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