Enhancing Your Service Offering with ActivTrak Premium

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Managing teams across a distributed work environment has its challenges; How do your customers measure productivity? How do they keep a pulse on workload balance to prevent burnout and fatigue? How do they know if employees are engaged and practicing healthy work habits?

Join us for a guided intro to ActivTrak’s new Premium features. We’ll introduce you to the new, easy-to-use dashboards and reports that will help you provide your customers with powerful insights for managing burnout, engagement and productivity across your teams.

You’ll learn how ActivTrak Premium can help:

  • Improve productivity and work habits with visibility into focus, collaboration and multitasking time, as well as sources of distraction
  • Assess burnout risk among your employees, identifying those with consistently high utilization and infrequent breaks
  • Set team and organizational goals based on historical benchmarks, and track progress
  • Identify under-utilized apps with technology usage and adoption summaries
  • Share personal productivity insights with the new personal productivity dashboard, and scheduled email updates

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