Elevating Managed IT Services with Workforce Analytics


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The modern organization needs to continuously improve operational productivity in order to thrive in a competitive business climate. But, the way (and where) work gets done has changed dramatically due to digital transformation and the adoption of remote/hybrid work. Cloud-based tools like Slack, Zoom, Monday.com and others provide teams with the tools they need to collaborate, but there has traditionally been little for the MSP to offer to help their customers thrive as the workplace has evolved.

But, workforce analytics is a rapidly growing solution category that is changing that. By expanding service offerings to include productivity measurement, MSPs can tap into new revenue streams and expand their footprint with customers.

In this webcast we discuss:

  • The changing dynamics of the workplace and the impact on productivity
  • Why productivity measurement is essential in the digital age
  • What is workforce analytics and why it presents an opportunity for MSPs
  • How to integrate workforce analytics into your existing service offerings

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