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Workforce Habits: Identify, Improve & Measure Progress with ActivTrak!

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Collaboration tools are the #1 source of focus disruption, according to our Productivity Lab’s 2022 State of the Workplace report. What’s interrupting productivity for your team?

With ActivTrak, you already know you get increased visibility into your team’s work habits, but how do you translate all that data into real action plans and measure the impact on performance?

Join us as we dive into how to identify problem areas quickly, recommendations to fix them, and ways to measure if your action plan is working — all with ActivTrak. Walk away knowing the answers to these (and other questions!):

  • Which activities and work habits disrupt focus and contribute to burnout?
  • Do you need additional team members or can you distribute workload across other teams or individuals?
  • How do new policies — like allowing flexible work or instituting “no meeting Fridays” — impact productivity, focus, and workload balance?


…and more. We’re looking at the data in ActivTrak in totally new ways to help your team work wiser.

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