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Workforce Planning: Leveraging Data to Make Informed Workforce Decisions

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Woman analyzing workforce data for better workforce planning

There’s no doubt about it:  Times are challenging right now. Hiring freezes, budget cuts, layoffs…these are some of the realities facing today’s companies. So what steps can you take to help your organization navigate these tough choices?

During this webinar, our workforce design leaders will share tips and guidance on how to use your ActivTrak data to design an organization for efficiency and longevity. Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Conduct data-driven resource management and capacity planning
  • Build retention strategies for critical parts of your team based on insights
  • Help protect your organization from productivity loss and “survivor’s guilt” caused by a reduction in force


Make sure to watch this webinar so you can learn how to get to the data to navigate challenging times.

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