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Workforce Analytics 101

Gain deeper insights into your team's productivity with ActivConnect

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We’ve introduced a new way to analyze user activity data to get better insights into team productivity. ActivTrak’s new analytics tool, ActivConnect, allows you to integrate your ActivTrak user activity data into pre-built workforce analytics templates for Tableau and Power BI, or you can build your own advanced reports.

This training session will give you an overview of ActivConnect, as well as show you how you can leverage the pre-built dashboards and reports to quickly understand what workforce productivity and engagement looks like across your teams, where you may have overworked employees, and where you have inefficient workflows.

During this 1 hour webcast you will learn how to:

  • Measure productivity focus patterns and benchmarks across individuals and teams
  • Understand application usage to optimize license spend
  • Identify collaboration preferences across dispersed teams
  • Gauge workload and identify potential burn out
  • Use data to coach employees and drive engagement
  • Uncover additional areas of operational compliance risk