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Top 10 Little-Known Features in ActivTrak

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During this month’s product training, we will walk you through some of our users’ secrets to getting the most out of ActivTrak. We will share with you little-known features and tips that will allow you to take your ActivTrak skills to the next level. Also, based on high-demand from previous webcasts, we’ll dive into some additional features to further boost your expertise.

In this session we will cover:

  • How to define reporting hours
  • How to implement “Do not track” for certain individuals
  • How to Ignore an Activity
  • How to set up Multiple administrators
  • How to use Team Pulse for monitoring productivity
  • Creating alarms for software application usage
  • How to Enable Single Sign-On
  • How to Disable Screenshots
  • How to set up Group Classification
  • How to remotely deploy agents from your ActivTrak instance