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How to Balance Productivity and Flexible Work to Drive Performance

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The workplace is experiencing an unprecedented type of volatility and ambiguity.

In the next several months, more than 80% of organizations will use some sort of flex scheduling to balance the needs of employees’ work and personal lives, according to Brandon Hall Group’s Impact of COVID-19 on Human Capital Management research.

Through it all, everyone must be engaged and productive. And, managers need to encourage high-performance while fostering their employees’ well-being and guarding against burnout and talent attrition.

In this webinar, Gabriela Mauch, Head of ActivTrak Productivity Lab, and Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal HCM Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, will show how leading-edge organizations are balancing performance and productivity with the flexibility and empathy needed to create a resilient, empowered workforce.

The presenters will share how to improve productivity and performance through identifying barriers, thoughtfully taking action to remove them, and ensuring sustainable improvement. You’ll leave the webinar with:

  •  Insights from the latest research on workforce trends
  • An understanding of how to leverage workforce analytics to fuel productivity, identify burnout risk and empower employees
  • Examples of how organizations are leveraging productivity management tools to get better results without over-burdening, micro-managing, or mismanaging employees

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