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Configuration Tips: Using ActivTrak to Identify AI Tool Usage, Absenteeism, Mouse-Jiggling and More

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With so many powerful features in ActivTrak, how do you configure it to get the most out of it for your org? We’ve got you covered. Learn new configuration tips to address some of the current challenges facing you today. Whether you need a way to measure AI tool usage across your team, guidance on how to spot absenteeism or the use of mouse-jiggling tech…or simply need some extra help setting up our new calendar integration feature, this training is for you. 

In this on-demand session you’ll learn how to:

  • Measure the use of AI tools across your team or org
  • Detect the presence of mouse-jiggler or activity-mimicking software and devices 
  • Identify possible absenteeism
  • Understand productivity in a remote VDI environment
  • Fill in gaps in passive and active time with offline meeting insights (via Calendar Integration) 
  • Get accurate location info to assess adherence to in-office attendance policies


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