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Boost Team Productivity with Insights from ActivTrak

Let us show you how you can boost team productivity and develop healthy work habits.

Over 9,500 customers choose ActivTrak to measure and assess productivity and wellness with the employee in mind. Our workforce analytics platform helps organizations get insights and metrics about digital work so teams can work wiser and thrive. Request a demo so we can show you how ActivTrak can help you.

9,500+ customers trust ActivTrak

207 reviews – 4.4/5

169 reviews – 4.5/5

Simple to set up and simple to use ActivTrak was so simple to set up and when we [met] to discuss implementation – we were pleasantly surprised to say to ourselves “that’s it.”

542 reviews – 4.6/5

It stands out from its competitors ActivTrak is one of the best productivity tracking tools out there. It stands out from its competitors due to its ease of use, detailed real-time analytics, and reliability.

169 reviews – 4.5/5

The best software we have ever used As a Workforce Analytics Software, we find it to be the best software we have ever used. This tool helps us in gauging if an employee is productive or is a good fit for our organization.
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