ActivTrak MSP Program

Provide cost-effective and highly profitable workforce monitoring and productivity solutions to your customers as a managed service.

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The market opportunity for MSPs

Leaders are struggling to understand and manage workforce productivity as more organizations adopt remote and hybrid work environments.

Managed service providers are in a unique position to assist given their already important role in helping organizations manage their technology stacks.

With ActivTrak, you can help your customers gain visibility into:

  • Working hours and productive time, by day and week across individuals and teams
  • Workload balance, burnout risk and productivity trends
  • Which applications and websites are used most, and least
  • Potential compliance risks, like data transfer to USB devices
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Why Join ActivTrak’s MSP Program?

  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty

    Help customers improve their security, compliance, and employee productivity.

  • Single Pane of Glass Management

    Deploy and manage multiple customer instances from a single cloud console.

  • Usage-based Billing

    We make it easy to understand invoices with a single, consolidated monthly bill.

  • Training, Enablement & Guided Support

    Level-up with dedicated Sales, Marketing, and Technical support resources.

  • Differentiate your Business

    Integrate ActivTrak with your existing portfolio to stand out from competitors.

MSP Program Overview

Our MSP Program is designed for Managed Service Providers interested in delivering ActivTrak as a managed service, integrated into an existing portfolio or as a standalone offering.

  • MSP Partners offer ActivTrak as part of their Core Managed Services offering
  • Exclusive license and add-on discounts for MSP Partners, based on tier
  • Usage-based billing model
  • Dedicated sales enablement, technical support, and marketing resources
  • Priority support, hands-on training, and more!

From resources to tools and support, MSP partners receive superior service to help set them and their customers up for success.

Five stars.

Our clients using ActivTrak have proved that on average, each employee has close to 45 more productive minutes per day when working from home as opposed to working in the office. That adds nearly 200 more productive hours per employee per year when working from home than from the office.

In short you save money in the long run by having happier, more productive employees at the same cost, and you save money by reducing costs for rent and utilities.

One program, three tiers

ActivTrak’s MSP Partner Program is divided into three tiers. As MSP Partners advance tiers, they unlock additional benefits, such as reducing their subscription costs (lower per license price) and more.

SeedUp to 499 users

All partners start as Seed Partners. Seed Partners commit to delivering employee monitoring and workforce productivity services leveraging ActivTrak to a small subset of customers.

Premier500 to 2,499 users

Premier Partners have achieved proven success with their ActivTrak MSP offering. Premier Partners have also invested time and resources in the continued adoption of our technologies within their services.

Elite2,500+ users

Elite Partners have demonstrated a solid understanding of our product, platform and technology with success across a broad range of customer types, environments and/or industry verticals.

All Tiers Include:

Exclusive, discounted license pricing

Access to our Command Center Console

Access to NFP and EDU programs

Consolidated, usage-based billing

Dedicated training, sales enablement and support

Ongoing marketing initiatives

Single pane of glass management console

ActivTrak’s Command Center helps MSP partners easily view, monitor and manage all their customer deployments from a single place.

  • Manage multiple customer instances via centralized dashboard.
  • Streamline billing and account management with up-to-date usage data.
  • View and log into your customer accounts via Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Quickly address operational activities, such as alerts triggered or agents not reporting.
An ActivTrak dashboard showing a grid view of 8 accounts with a red dot on one signifying one agent not reporting.

Dedicated sales, marketing and technical resources

We empower our MSP Partners with dedicated resources for Sales and Marketing enablement and Technical support.

  • Hands-on sales and technical training the moment you become a partner.
  • Exclusive access to marketing assets, templates and campaigns.
  • Co-branded product collateral and content opportunities.
  • Priority support with on-demand troubleshooting.
  • Streamlined deal registration and sales enablement.

These benefits and more are outlined in our MSP Program Guide, which is provided as part of our Welcome Kit to new MSP partners.

ActivTrak partner resources

Consolidated usage-based billing

MSP Partners receive a single consolidated, usage-based monthly bill which includes:

  • License usage and cost, grouped by customer.
  • Total license usage and costs across all customers.
  • Consolidated usage-based bill includes program participation cost.

Our easy-to-understand monthly billing helps you provide accurate monthly reports for Sales and Accounting teams and streamline customer invoicing.

Partners and clients working more successfully with ActivTrak workforce analytics in place

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