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ActivTrak Named a Notable Vendor in People Analytics Landscape Report  

ActivTrak today announced it has been recognized as a notable vendor in Forrester’s Q1 2024 report, The People Analytics Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024. 

Forrester defines People Analytics as a category encompassing a range of tools and methodologies used for collecting, analyzing and applying data about an organization’s workforce to improve decision-making, optimize employee performance and enhance overall business effectiveness in a digital landscape. 

According to the Forrester report, “People analytics accelerates the discovery of new insights with trusted data by enabling business leaders to gain a deeper understanding of past performance and current operational efficiency.”

The report describes People Analytics as an established technology market with core use cases that include talent acquisition and recruitment optimization; workforce planning and optimization; and employee engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, the report notes ActivTrak’s self-reported extended use cases of performance management and improvement; employee retention and attrition analysis; ROI for HR initiatives; and pay equity and compensation analysis as the top use cases for which clients select them.

“Over the last year, we’ve seen a significant shift in focus from organizations trying to get their arms around employee activity monitoring to adopting more strategic productivity management and workforce planning strategies,” said Heidi Farris, CEO of ActivTrak. “As the market matures, we will continue to lead by prioritizing innovation and investment in workforce analytics that empower teams to achieve greater workforce optimization and ROI.”

ActivTrak’s workforce analytics convert massive streams of work activity data into workforce insights that help leaders leverage their most valuable resources. The highly scalable platform captures activity data across people, processes and technology to help users measure productivity and efficiency, balance workloads and capacity, optimize processes and technology, and validate workforce investments. 

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