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ActivTrak Partners with SHI International to Secure NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions Listing

Participating States, Local Governments and Educational Institutions Now Have Access to Award-Winning Workforce Analytics Solution

ActivTrak, a leading provider of workforce analytics software, today announced significant momentum in the State and Local Government sector, supported by notable customer wins and addition to the NASPO ValuePoint for Cloud Solutions contract held by SHI International. 

NASPO ValuePoint provides the highest standard of excellence in public cooperative contracting. As a NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions provider, SHI International is authorized to offer a vast range of reliable and secure cloud options, including software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions, as well as an array of value-added services. 

The partnership announced today allows SHI International and its reseller partners to provide ActivTrak’s workforce analytics software to participating States, Local Governments and Educational Institutions.

“Research on hybrid work in government confirms that flexibility in both working at home and work hours/schedule has the largest impact on job satisfaction,” said Cory Ayres, senior vice president of sales at ActivTrak. “Our partnership with SHI International helps public sector entities better understand and support how different teams work, empowering agencies to become more agile and effective in recruiting and retaining talent, improving employee productivity and engagement, and delivering services to taxpayers.”

ActivTrak has achieved remarkable success working with more than 65 state and local government agencies including the: City of Stamford, Connecticut; Illinois State Treasurer’s Office; Iowa Department of Revenue; Mississippi Department of Banking; North Carolina Department of Agriculture; North Carolina Department of Insurance; North Dakota Attorney General; and the Superior Court of California, Contra Costa County. 

To learn more, read How ActivTrak Helps State and Local Governments Ensure Compliance and Fuel Success or visit this page to Become an ActivTrak Partner



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