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ActivTrak Productivity Lab: Legal Services Employees Show Positive Signs of Productivity Amid 160 Distractions Per Day

Employees spend an average of 6.8 hours per day on productive digital activity

The ActivTrak Productivity Lab today announced benchmark data for the legal services sector, revealing employee focus sessions lasting approximately 16 minutes each — or 15% longer than their cross-industry peers — despite an average of 160 interruptions per day.

The Productivity Lab analyzed 446,020 hours from 892 anonymized employees representing more than 540 ActivTrak legal services customers to understand digital work day activities and habits. Benchmark data showed that these employees spend an average 6.8 hours per day on productive digital activity, with four breaks per day, at an average of 27 minutes per break. Other findings about how they spend their time include: 

  • Focus Session: The average focus session, or time employees operate without multitasking, collaborating, interruptions or attention shifts, is approximately 16 minutes per day, which is 15% higher than cross-industry peers.
  • Multitasking & Collaboration: Employees spend approximately 2 hours per day collaborating in chat, messaging and meeting tools, and multitasking/context-switching between productivity applications, such as Zoom, and Teams.
  • Distractions: Office tools such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Word, and collaboration tools like Zoom and Slack, are the top two sources of focus disruptions, causing more than 160 interruptions per day.

Workload data also revealed that 80% of legal services employees are in the healthy utilization(1) zone (23% higher than cross-industry peers); 20% of employees are overutilized (35% lower than cross-industry peers); and 0% of employees are underutilized.

According to one legal services reviewer on TrustRadius, “ActivTrak is great for tracking employee engagement, time on task, and alerting on unauthorized use of company assets. It can also help identify potential candidates for burnout.”

“Distractions come in many forms and can be a constant source of stress and burnout,” said Gabriela Mauch, vice president of ActivTrak’s Productivity Lab. “Organizations that take steps to eliminate unnecessary meetings, implement team core hours and establish blocks of focus time can achieve sustainable productivity to improve employee engagement and well-being. The legal services industry is clearly on the right path toward achieving these goals.”

ActivTrak’s workforce analytics platform helps organizations acquire insights and metrics about digital work so they can measure and assess productivity and wellness with the employee in mind. This includes enterprise-class capabilities that deliver fast time to value with SaaS solutions for workforce optimization, employee productivity monitoring, employee engagement and experience, as well as workplace efficiency.

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(1) Based on ActivTrak’s default setting, overutilized is when an employee is 30% over the threshold of their productive hours/day goal. Underutilized is when an employee is more than 30% under the threshold of their productive hours/day goal. Healthy exists between these two zones.


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