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ActivTrak Launches ActivTrak Academy 

ActivTrak today announced the launch of ActivTrak Academy, a new best-in-class training hub with content for customers and partners to learn how to manage, optimize and successfully adopt ActivTrak’s workforce analytics solutions. The Academy also offers training and guidance on best practices in change management to help organizations get the most out of their workplace productivity initiatives.

The Academy builds on ActivTrak’s commitment to developing award-winning products and customer success programs by providing users a community for interaction and professional development that makes learning easier and helps them track and manage their courses and activities.

In ActivTrak Academy, learners can watch on-demand solution tutorials, attend instructor-led live training sessions, participate in weekly tech talks, and access a wealth of self-paced course materials. They can also expect to interact with ActivTrak Productivity Lab and product experts who have decades of experience in workforce productivity, information technology and data science.

Here’s just a glimpse at what’s available: 

Getting-started materials

Introduce employees and managers to ActivTrak through a guided tour of account features. Discover how to leverage ActivTrak data to enhance productivity effectively.

Self-paced, on-demand training courses

Enjoy the flexibility of learning at your own pace. Explore a comprehensive catalog of curated courses designed to make ActivTrak easy to learn and use.

Instructor-led, live sessions

Join weekly tech talk sessions hosted by ActivTrak Productivity Lab and product experts. Gain deeper knowledge and receive personalized feedback on how to maximize ActivTrak’s potential. 

“Customer education is fundamental to client success. By offering tailored learning experiences such as in-person classes and one-on-one tutoring, we empower customers to fully leverage their ActivTrak solution and share best practices with others who have similar goals and objectives. This not only enhances user skill and confidence but also fosters a deeper connection with their workforce analytics investment,” said Gabriela Mauch, vice president of customer success and Productivity Lab at ActivTrak. “I’m proud to say we are the only vendor in this space providing this level of support backed by the experience and expertise of our [world renowned] Productivity Lab team.”

ActivTrak Academy is exclusively available to paid subscription plans and trial accounts as part of ActivTrak’s  Digital Support Plan. Users of the ActivTrak Free plan are encouraged to upgrade to a paid plan or visit the ActivTrak Help Center for information and support.




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