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ActivTrak Unveils New Workforce Productivity Features for Mid Market Enterprises

AUSTIN, Texas – June 24, 2020 – ActivTrak, Inc. today announced the availability of new workforce productivity and analytics features that help companies understand how teams work, identify key success and risk factors, and improve business performance and outcomes.

In the last few months, tens of thousands of companies have gone from having the majority of their teams working onsite to most — if not all — of their employees working remote from home. Now that they’ve settled into a rhythm, businesses are shifting their focus from ‘how do we get work done’ to ‘how do we work smarter’.

ActivTrak’s new productivity features help companies answer that question by capturing the pulse of workplace activity, both in the office and remotely, across individuals, roles, groups and teams.

“As the nation’s fifth-largest asset-based truckload carrier by revenue, our success hinges on minimizing operational bottlenecks and resolving gaps in processes,” said Douglas Dunsmore, Director of Infrastructure Services at US Xpress. “We have thousands of problem solvers working 24/7 across the U.S. to meet or exceed customer expectations; that’s a lot of workforce data being generated. ActivTrak gives us the tools to slice and dice this data in countless ways depending on the goals we have, and the teams working to support them. It’s a powerful platform for fostering dialogue, trust and transparency between managers and employees alike.”

ActivTrak’s features combine real-time productivity snapshots, advanced analytics, pre-built and customizable report templates, and deep integrations with BI tools and other data sources that replace manual data-crunching with automated insights and decision support. Altogether, they provide a powerful set of tools that help companies identify and augment what they’re doing well, capitalize on opportunities for improvement, and reduce or eliminate unnecessary risk. Features include:

  • Team Pulse: An at-a-glance dashboard that offers real-time snapshots of productivity metrics across individuals, groups and teams.
  • ActivConnect: A powerful analytics tool that integrates user activity data with BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau and other external data sources to provide deeper business insights.
  • Auto-Classification and Group Classification of User Activity: A crowd-sourced classification engine that automatically categorizes websites and applications used by employees as productive or unproductive and analyzes data by groups for meaningful comparative analysis.

“Our products are used by manufacturing facilities, refineries, military bases, oilfield operations, healthcare facilities, shipyards, food processing plants, and UVC germicidal sanitation operations around the world, and we have an extensive distributed team that supports them. We make every effort to ensure fast-turnaround on quotes and expedited shipping, which means I’m always looking for ways to improve focus and increase productivity,” said Jeremy Blankenship, business manager at Larson Electronics LLC. “ActivTrak’s new features help us correlate data, identify new opportunities for operational improvement in-context with the way our teams work, and reward hard workers. It’s an invaluable tool that gives us the visibility and insights we need to make smart business decisions.”

“With today’s remote work being less structured and visible, user activity monitoring must adapt to be more flexible, inclusive, and discerning,” said Javier Aldrete, vice president of products at ActivTrak. “ActivTrak has evolved from its roots in employee monitoring into a powerful solution that helps companies understand more about how people work to accomplish results — whether in the office or remote. This new productivity platform offers an affordable, easy to use solution that puts workforce data in context, empowering teams to continue doing what they’ve been doing well while seizing new opportunities to do even better.”

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