Free Product Training Webinar: Continuously Monitor Privileged User Access

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For a lot of companies, knowing what users are actually doing inside their systems is a missing piece that can no longer be ignored.  With the rise of security incidents stemming from Remote Vendor access and Privileged User access, organizations of all sizes must have a strategy in place to monitor this type of user activity.

The increase in remote and third-party vendors has changed the way organizations are thinking about cybersecurity.The ability to monitor privileged-account activity is essential.

Activtrak provides an easy way to monitor both Remote Vendor and Privileged User access.  By keeping a detailed video playback and screenshot log of all user actions, ActivTrak can monitor and alert you on potential security risks or compliance violations. 

In this FREE 1-hour product training, we will show you how to quickly configure ActivTrak to:

  • Enable session video recordings every time a third party vendor accesses your systems
  • Monitor and control third party vendor activity to ensure compliance with security policies
  • Quickly isolate configuration change issues – see what was changed, when, and by who
  • Keep a full security log of third party users and associate their activities with alarm risk scoring
  • Audit users to determine when and where apps and websites are being accessed, and choose whether usage of these meets security policy.