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Locate unbalanced work time patterns

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ActivTrak free time tracking tool - top users report by productive time worked ActivTrak Free time tracking tool - Productivity report showing hours worked by day in a week
ActivTrak Free time tracking tool - workfing hours report showing first activity, or clock-in time, and last activity, or clock out time, along with additional rich activity metrics

ActivTrak provides a free time tracking tool along with many other award-winning features from the ActivTrak Advanced plan. Like the Advanced version, the free edition is a cloud-native SaaS application powered by an agent that tracks time and normalizes user activity data for visibility into productivity.

ActivTrak’s free time tracking tool includes:

Put digital time tracking on autopilot

  • Save time, ditch outdated manual ‘Clock-in/Clock-out’ procedure.
  • Understand work durations and trends for both remote and in-office employees.
  • View first activity, last activity, total time in one report.
  • Understand activity over time, rather than the start and end of the day.

View a productivity summary

Aggregate application and website data with descriptive categories to discover which types of activities occur more often than others.

  • Understand if users spend more time on email and instant messaging than other high-value activities.
  • Compare website and application usage with the Top Websites and Top Applications reports.
  • See all accessed apps and sites within a designated time period.
  • Uncover valuable insights including: most visited websites by user, total time spent on webpages and applications and website history.

Locate unbalanced work time patterns

Get clear visibility into employee, team or department groups’ work time behavior with the Working Hours report.

  • Compare work time and inactive time by individuals or specific groups to learn where there might be gaps in productivity.
  • Uncover spikes in workload to identify potentially overworked employees.
  • Use the data insights to change staffing levels or introduce new workflows.
  • Analyze workflows by following the displayed chain of events.

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