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Top Takeaways from Our Guest Appearance on the Partner Led Growth Podcast

Top Takeaways from Our Guest Appearance on the Partner Led Growth Podcast

The culture of work is changing. Employees want flexibility but employers still need productivity. Can we actually have both? As MSPs, we know you’re faced with this question from clients more frequently than ever before. How can employers offer flexibility while also actually managing their workforce? How can they make sure anything will get done? And if they are getting work done, how can they avoid employee burnout and the dreaded ‘great resignation’? That’s where ActivTrak comes in. We provide employers and MSPs with the tools and data they need to inspire healthy work habits. 

Ben Spector, MSP and host of Partner Led Growth, virtually sat down with ActivTrak’s SVP of Product, Javier Aldrete, to discuss our changing work environment and how productivity software can help. Which can be viewed here.

And if you don’t have time to tune in, we’ve got you covered — with our top takeaways below.

Top Takeaways  

Flexibility attracts talent, but what about margins?

Your clients don’t have to say goodbye to productivity and margins all in the name of employee retention and flexibility. Honing in on healthy work habits and indicators of burnout can give employees the work-life balance they deserve all while maintaining a healthy bottom line for your clients.

More insight, less oversight

Have you ever gotten lost in a sea of open tabs? We’ve been there and we can help. ActivTrak provides real data that promotes deep work to help employees knock out that project faster and log off sooner. Because as the saying goes, you can’t improve something you can’t measure. 

Coaching recommendations at their fingertips!

Your client’s managers know their team best. Give them the reins with ActivTrak’s Productivity Coach and enable them to set productivity benchmarks that actually mean something for their teams. Coach provides them with the insight they need to set relevant and meaningful goals.

Be at the forefront of workforce analytics (hint: It’s here to stay)

Just look at the facts: Hybrid and remote work is the new normal and ActivTrak helps you get ahead of the curve with Workforce analytics. For example, Companies like Alphabet (Google) are embracing a hybrid model of 3 days a week and proof of concept will be a necessity, and that shows productivity insights aren’t going away anytime soon!

Come one, come y’all (There really is something for everyone)

We have helped companies of all sizes and believe it is all about how you empower your clients. Just take a look at one of our case studies that show how Shipsticks, with a size of 80 employees, was able to gain a crystal clear view of their workflows and improve employee efficiency! Just goes to show, you shouldn’t count out one of your clients because you think they might be too small.

It all starts with storytelling

You had me at hello. So now you get it but are still wondering how to get your clients to buy into workplace productivity? We believe in the power of storytelling and Javier put it best in his talk with Ben:

Flip the script — turn no into yes!

Learn from Ben and change your mindset on what workforce productivity can do for you and your customers.

To learn more, watch or listen to the full episode (sponsored by Zomentum) now.

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