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Empower your people, hone healthy work habits, and optimize processes so you can do great things.

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The ActivTrak Difference: Insight vs. Oversight

Measure and assess productivity and wellness with the employee in mind.

  • No keystroke logging
  • No email monitoring
  • No camera access
  • No personal device monitoring
  • No video recording
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Skyrocket productivity with insights for hybrid & remote teams

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Spotlight Patterns That Fuel Success

With ActivTrak’s productivity insights you can understand how work gets done, spotlight successful patterns and reduce distractions to make space for the work that matters most.

  • Easily view productivity trends organization-wide
  • Leverage historic benchmarks and trends to inform team goals
  • Identify patterns of top performers
  • Understand which distractions reduce focus
  • Discover what technologies improve collaboration
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Be an All-Star Coach

ActivTrak delivers visibility into how time is being spent across people, process and technology so managers can ensure that teams are productive, working wisely, and aligned with business goals, while having the meaningful data they need to be rockstar coaches.

  • View application usage and web habits
  • Understand how your employees work
  • Identify overloaded employees or unbalanced workloads
  • Deliver weekly trend reports to each employee
  • Instill a culture of trust and transparency with data privacy safeguards
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Engage Everyone, Everywhere to Achieve the Amazing

Provide managers of remote teams with the insights to guide their team members to success. See how work is getting done, during what hours, and across which applications and websites for a complete picture of work habits – in-office, hybrid and remote.

  • Get productivity insights to optimize how remote work gets done
  • Understand productive work time, peak hours and distractions
  • Identify and resolve inefficient workflows or workload issues
  • Uncover top performers and those at risk of burnout
  • Identify offsite access vulnerabilities and compliance issues
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Spark Healthier Work Habits to Banish Burnout

ActivTrak brings the visibility you need to see what’s really happening with employees, teams, processes, and technology so managers can proactively engage employees, encourage healthy habits, and get out in front of burnout.

  • Spot patterns that are indicators of engagement
    and burnout
  • Understand productivity and focus trends
  • Track engagement trends over time
  • Provide managers and employees insights into weekly work habits
  • Share insights with a broader audience
    to proactively drive new habits
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Rest Assured You’re Compliant

ActivTrak continuously monitors employee workflows and resource utilization for productivity and operational compliance. You get actionable insights to help improve processes, optimize technology and reduce risk.

  • Ensure compliance with security and privacy standards and regulations
  • Set alarms to detect and respond to risky activities
  • Improve resource usage and workflows, consolidate tools and identify needed training
  • Balance workloads across teams
  • Reduce risk and enforce compliance reporting policies
  • Generate detailed activity reports for audits
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Optimize Your SaaS Universe

ActivTrak gives you visibility into SaaS application adoption and usage trends so you can understand how applications hinder or boost productivity across your organization.

  • See which SaaS applications and other tools are being used
  • Control application sprawl and recoup license costs
  • Uncover applications that fail to meet privacy and security requirements
  • Identify where you have application redundancy
  • Coach teams around optimal use of technology
    to boost productivity
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ActivTrak Awards from: Brandon Hall, ActivTrak Ranked Number 404 on the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™, A G2Crowd badge that says Users Love Us, Inc 5000,Softwareworld Top Rated 2020, PC magazine
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We understand that analyzing workforce productivity is a challenging task, so we created the Productivity Lab to help make it easier for you. Our mission is to ensure your success with workforce data so your organization can achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

The Productivity Lab consists of a dedicated team of experts in workforce productivity, information technology and data science who can help you better leverage data around your people, processes and technology — the three main areas in which you can unlock productivity potential.

Visit the Productivity Lab
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Insights from our Lab: Productivity 101

Tune into our on-demand webcasts to learn the basics of workplace productivity from our Lab expert!

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No matter your needs, ActivTrak fits your stack

ActivTrak Stacks: Slack, MS Teams, PowerBI, Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio, Splunk, Zapier, Xero, Jira, Salesforce and more
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With our ethical approach, everyone benefits!

ActivTrak is committed to providing solutions that enhance visibility and productivity using an ethical approach that is focused on transparency and collaboration. Our platform does not use intrusive employee monitoring technologies like keystroke logging and video surveillance. Instead, we focus on the collection of contextual data that helps you achieve amazing things without sacrificing trust. And that means everyone wins!

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