Create Branded Reports and Provide Better Insights to Customers with new ActivConnect Templates for Google Data Studio

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Achieving productivity goals requires both visibility into team performance and the ability to extract insights from your workforce analytics data. With ActivConnect and Google Data Studio, you can quickly identify which work habits (activities) drive the best results and where your customers need to make improvements across their people, processes and technology.
Join us Tuesday, March 16, at 10am CT for a guided intro to our new ActivConnect data architecture and Google Data Studio reports:
  • Create custom-branded dashboards using the ActivTrak starter kit for GDS
  • Combine and compare AT data with data from other systems/apps
  • Evaluate and understand trends in team and individual performance
  • Communicate insights and findings to customers through scheduled reports
Leveraging these new live dashboards and customizable reports, MSPs can provide informed guidance to customers — faster. Additionally, MSPs are more equipped to help their customers optimize productivity, improve performance, avoid burnout, and manage their businesses — better.
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