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Banish Burnout, Find Focus & Boost Productivity With New ActivTrak Premium

On-Demand Webcast

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Managing teams across a distributed work environment has its challenges;  How do you measure productivity? How do you keep a pulse on workload balance and burnout? How do you know if employees are engaged and have healthy work habits?

Join this demo webcast to see how your entire organization can work wiser with ActivTrak Premium.  We’ll introduce you to the new, easy to use dashboards and reports that provide powerful insights for managing burnout, engagement and productivity across your team.   

You’ll learn how ActivTrak Premium can help you:

  • Improve productivity and focus habits with visibility into focused work time, and top contributors to distraction
  • Assess burnout risk with views of where working hours are spiking or consistently high and breaks are infrequent
  • Set goals based on historical benchmarks, and track progress
  • Identify under-utilized apps with technology usage and adoption summaries
  • Share personal productivity insights with the new personal productivity dashboard, and scheduled email updates

Watch now to see how ActivTrak Premium can help your team work wiser.

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