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What’s New in ActivTrak (and a Sneak Peek into What’s Coming!)

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Our engineers have been busy! You now have access to many new features and capabilities in ActivTrak to help you better manage team performance and admin tasks at scale. 

Join us for this live session where we’ll share an overview of what’s new — complete with demos — to see how leaders and managers can get:


  • Comprehensive visibility via Location Insights and Calendar Integration
  • A one-stop shop through Org Overview & Team Management Homepages
  • Custom data solutions
  • Suspicious activity/anomaly detection alerts
  • AI adoption measurement 
  • Automated User Management for Azure AD and others
  • And more


Plus we’ll share a SNEAK PEEK into our 2024 roadmap (spoiler: Coach gets AI support and time-on-task capabilities are coming!).

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