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ActivTrak Using ActivTrak: Measuring Productivity Across Your Team

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This training webcast is the first in a series that will spotlight how you can use ActivTrak to measure productivity and boost business outcomes across a department or team. In this session, ActivTrak’s CRO, Justin Endres, along with ActivTrak’s Head of Customer Experience, Mark Allen, will show you how they leverage productivity data from ActivTrak to optimize our Sales, Customer Experience and Support teams for effort, focus and alignment; driving continuous improvements that boost organizational and individual productivity.

During this session you will see how we:

  • Establish benchmarks across the team
  • Analyze team productivity against benchmarks
  • Adjust workflows to optimize performance and ensure operational compliance
  • Leverage productivity data for better coaching and employee development
  • Interpret passive time
  • Assess the effectiveness of collaboration tools and our tech stack

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