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ActivTrak Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as an ISV Connect Partner

Bringing remote/hybrid workforce analytics to the Google Cloud Marketplace

ActivTrak, a workforce analytics and productivity platform provider, today announced it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program as an ISV Connect Partner. Under the new partnership, ActivTrak and Google Cloud will deliver workforce analytics solutions to help enterprises around the world optimize productivity and empower employees to work wiser.

Organizations across industries are embracing a transformation around flexible work – whether remote, hybrid or in-office – and deploying an increasing variety of productivity, collaboration and communication tools. Yet many organizations lack tools and processes that can provide visibility, measurability and insights into employee well-being and productivity to meet business goals.

Many workforce analytics solutions on the market focus on measuring a proprietary set of applications and do not offer a holistic view of how work gets done. ActivTrak not only provides activity insights across the myriad of complex applications used by today’s modern workers, but also offers coaching recommendations that correlate activities to outcomes.

With this partnership, Google Cloud customers will be able to purchase ActivTrak’s workforce and analytics productivity platform directly on Google Cloud Marketplace to address their comprehensive remote and hybrid workforce management visibility needs.

The ActivTrak Workforce Analytics Platform forms a data foundation, breaking silos to enable solutions across the enterprise including:


  • Employee Engagement and Experience – improve engagement and well-being through self-awareness, and manager coaching for better workload balance.
  • Workforce Optimization – measure and improve team productivity and efficiency through optimized use of collaboration and focus time.
  • Workplace Efficiency – understand technology usage and adoption to improve operational efficiency and ROI of tech investments.
  • Employee Productivity Monitoring – meet corporate policies, regulatory and industry compliance requirements by ensuring employee activity stays within defined rules.


“Organizations embracing remote and hybrid work models find that workforce productivity analytics can empower people, cultivate great culture and enable the modern workforce to work wiser,” said Ramon Chen, Chief Product Officer at ActivTrak. “Partnering with Google Cloud will allow us to significantly scale our offerings to help individuals and teams improve well-being and productivity to deliver great business outcomes.”

“As organizations transform their businesses to support hybrid work, there is an increased need for solutions that provide real-time productivity and workforce insights,” said Rodrigo Rocha, Director, Global Partnerships, Google Cloud. “We’re thrilled to have ActivTrak’s solutions available on Google Cloud Marketplace to help customers support their employees throughout their workplace transformation journeys.”


On Thurs., Dec. 9 at 10 am CDT, in partnership with Cloudbakers, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, ActivTrak will present a webcast on how to Gain Visibility Into Team Productivity Across Your Hybrid & Remote Workforce, where attendees will learn how ActivTrak’s workforce analytics platform can help users:

  • Measure productivity trends across teams and individuals
  • Assess workload balance and burnout risk
  • Identify how and where to develop healthier work habits
  • Keep a pulse on engagement levels for remote, hybrid and in-office employees
  • Understand app usage to assess technology needs


To learn more about ActivTrak’s workforce analytics and productivity platform:


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