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Why Productivity Analytics are Essential for the Modern Organization

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example of productivity analytics

According to a 2020 study by the Brandon Hall Group, HR leaders rated productivity second among eight top indicators of increased employee engagement, with 80% selecting it as the most important factor. However, only 8% of respondents stated that they were measuring their workplace productivity, ranking it last among a list of 12 other engagement metrics. To get a true measurement of employee engagement, it is essential for businesses to incorporate workforce productivity analytics.

In this presentation, Gabriela Mauch of the ActivTrak Productivity Lab will walk us through what productivity measurement means in today’s modern workplace. Gabriela will outline the critical relationship that exists between productivity insights and other key themes including culture, engagement, and talent strategy. 

Join this webcast to learn:

  • How to define what productivity means for a digital workforce
  • Key productivity metrics that can (and should) be measured
  • The important role of technology in measuring and improving productivity
  • How to get a truer picture of employee engagement and organizational health with workforce productivity analytics

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