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What’s new in ActivTrak?

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Image of calendar with offline and online meetings

Calendar Integration. Org Overview. New Dashboards. And more.

Our latest product enhancements give you a more complete picture of how employees spend their time, make it easier to take action based on your data, and help your organization identify the work that drives results. There’s a whole lot of goodness, and we want to make sure you take advantage of it.
In this special on-demand session, our product team walks through how you can now:

  • Fill in gaps in digital activity with Offline Meetings data via our new calendar integration
  • Focus on the insights you need from ActivTrak with the Organization Overview and Team Management homepages
  • Quickly zero in on the insights you need to build highly effective teams, with streamlined Insights dashboards

Plus, learn how to connect data sets through custom reports in BI tools or business applications to identify how work drives results and automate user management with enhancements to our Azure AD integration.

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