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Using ActivTrak to Improve Security and Compliance

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The pandemic, remote work, associated stresses and fatigue have led to a resurgence of Insider Threats, but security and compliance doesn’t have to be scary. With ActivTrak and the right tricks and treats in your bag, you’ll have the tools to strengthen your security and compliance posture.

During this special cybersecurity awareness month webcast, we’ll share how to: 

  • Keep business and employee data secure while respecting employee privacy
  • Leverage detailed activity logs to configure alarms based on specific policies or risk thresholds 
  • Detect USB device usage or data upload to Dropbox
  • Use webhooks to port ActivTrak alerts to messaging applications for immediate notification of policy violation
  • Utilize website blocking to block distracting or harmful sites
  • Leverage our connectors for export of data to other business tools


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