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Three Common Approaches to Hybrid Work & the Role of Productivity Measurement


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There is not a one-size-fits all solution for a hybrid workplace strategy, as each organization has unique functional and cultural requirements and current state operating models. For this reason, a productivity measurement program is a critical tool for either identifying a pilot approach, validating your core approach or maximizing performance within an existing model. Traditional feedback gathering efforts such as surveys and engagement scores are limited in scope and benefit from an objective layer of data. A productivity measurement program provides dynamic, real-time, recurring insights that can’t be captured through self-reporting or observation. 

Hybrid is emerging as the dominant workplace strategy for many organizations as pre-pandemic legacy policies and pandemic-driven remote implementations no longer align with new ways of working and workforce expectations.  Leveraging productivity measurement positions organizations to implement successful and sustainable hybrid models for high performance environments, in any location. 

Join this Webcast to Learn: 

  • The three common approaches to hybrid work (universal, variable, and flexible)
  • Helpful tips for how to select, evaluate, and thrive in each hybrid approach
  • Ways in which to leverage real-time data for ongoing assessment of your hybrid work environment (e.g., workload balance, engagement, productivity). 

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