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The Manager’s Playbook for Measuring and Improving Productivity

Help your team find focus, avoid burnout, and deliver exceptional results

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Managers play a vitally important role in every organization; translating the strategy and goals of the business into the operational plans and focus areas for their teams. As more and more work has shifted into the digital space, managers need new tools to understand how their teams are working, ensure everyone is focused on the right priorities, and help support healthy work habits.

Join this webcast to get a practical playbook for using the insights in ActivTrak to make your goals easier to achieve, and help everyone work more wisely.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Definitions of key productivity metrics for the digital workforce, and which to prioritize
  • Examples of insights that can be a starting point for collaborative problem-solving
  • How to use benchmarks and goals to assess team performance
  • Best practices for sharing individual and team insights on an ongoing basis
  • And more!

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