How To Use ActivTrak To Efficiently Manage Your Workforce And Expenses During An Economic Downturn

Join us on Wednesday, July 13th at 11 a.m. CT

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We know many of you are concerned about navigating today’s volatile market. Hybrid work models, returning to work, 4-day work weeks, the economy… all of these conversations are ever present right now.

Did you know ActivTrak can help with all of these areas? Our Head of Productivity Lab and SVP of Product are leading this special training to show how to leverage the data and insights from ActivTrak to ensure you maximize efficiency while also keeping employees engaged. Join them to see how you can use the ActivTrak platform to help you:    

  • Find hidden opportunities to right size technology and real estate investments
  • Improve productivity and efficiency to achieve your results without additional headcount.
  • Leverage activity data and workload trends for workforce planning

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