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For many organizations, data is their most critical asset. Yet the ability to effortlessly identify sensitive data remains a large gap for most businesses. If you work with sensitive data, you owe it to your clients to ensure their information is protected. 

Organizations within the healthcare industry (protected health information, PHI), financial services industries (payment card industry data, PCI), human resources (employee confidentiality) or any other industry handling personally identifiable information need to quickly and efficiently redact sensitive information to avoid costly legal and ethical violations.

  • Which data types should be redacted
  • How to enable and configure intelligent redaction to protect sensitive data
  • What methods protect sensitive data from captured screenshots during data breach investigations
  • Where to locate and flag screen content that introduces compliance vulnerabilities


We’ll also give you a sneak peek of ActivTrak’s New Sensitive Data Bundle specifically designed to protect organizations that handle PII and PHI. 

Hosted by: Mark Allen
Product Team & Security Engineer