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Battling Burnout, Distractions and Collaboration Fatigue: Why Productivity Analytics are Essential

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Today’s workplaces are more challenging than ever, with intense workloads, abundant distractions and perceived expectations to always be available through messaging and collaboration apps. Employers and employees alike wrestle with burnout as fatigue and stress overwhelms the organization and takes its toll on productivity, engagement, and employee wellness.

Leadership and HR Professionals must adopt new solutions that allow them to understand these risks well before their consequences drastically hinder business performance and employee wellness. For this reason, understanding digital behavior and leveraging productivity analytics is essential for getting ahead of the threats before us. In this presentation, we will cover:

  • Today’s current working climate and the prevalence of burnout, distractions, and collaboration fatigue
  • How productivity measurement provides insight into these risks that leadership and management would otherwise not be able to see
  • Why building an analytics program around leading productivity and engagement indicators is essential to businesses looking to stay ahead

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