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How to Boost Productivity in the New and Evolving World of Work

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How we work is changing due to the acceleration in the adoption of remote work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. And, many organizations are reporting that even after the pandemic, they expect a significant portion of their employees to continue working remotely.

This shift requires new tools to assess and improve employee engagement. In a recent survey by Brandon Hall Group, 80% of organizations indicated that increased productivity is a key measure of employee engagement, but only 8% feel that they can actually measure productivity.

Download this analyst report to get the latest research on:

  • How the shift to remote work is impacting employee engagement
  • Top drivers of employee engagement, and barriers to measurement
  • The importance of productivity as a measure of employee engagement
  • Why a data-driven approach to productivity measurement is essential

About Brandon Hall Group

Brandon Hall Group is a preeminent Human Capital Management research and analyst firm that has been delivering research-based solutions that empower excellence in organizations for more than 20 years

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