Redaction, Flagging, Tracking with Screenshots

See the visual evidence of present &/or past history of activities with high-resolution screenshots. Protect sensitive data with screenshot redaction and flag screen content that introduces compliance vulnerabilities. Screenshot redaction and flagging are available as add-on modules to ActivTrak's Advanced Plan.

Uncover Compliance Risks with Screenshot Capture

Observe user activity with screenshots to discover compliance risks. See what happened and when making the process of solving different problems easier. 

  • View captured screenshots to determine what a user did prior to the discovery of an issue. 
  • See essential details like how many tabs or windows were open, what applications were running in the background, or what error messages popped up. 
  • Capture screenshots of every users’ activities, or only specific activities from a team of users. 
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ActivTrak Screenshots page showing screenshots from several youtube videos.

Protect Sensitive Data With Screenshot Redaction

Prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Keep personally identifiable information (PII) private, secure sensitive information from being captured, and ensure legal and ethical compliance. 

  • Artificial intelligence detects and redacts sensitive information. 
  • Sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, health information and more are kept private.  
  • Protect sensitive data from captured screenshots during data breach investigations.  
  • Original screenshot is never stored so the data can’t be compromised. 

Choose up to 18 types of data for redaction. Over 100 options are available from countries all around the world.

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An ActivTrak chart titled Some Examples of Data Types for Redaction and includes credit card numbers, date of birth etc.

Flag Non-Compliant Screenshot Content

Flag screen content that introduces compliance vulnerabilities. With the ability to capture thousands of screenshots per user per month, you need a simple and efficient way to find instances of inappropriate screen content. Screenshot Flagging takes the manual work out of reviewing every image for explicit content. 

  • Capture clear images of users’ screen activity. 
  • Unsafe screenshot content is categorized into three areas — medical, violence, and adult. 
  • Understand flagged screenshots in context with key details about the activity. 
  • Filter the Screenshot Report to show only flagged screenshots. 
  • Add granular filtering to find screenshots by date, user, application, website, computer, executable, or description. 
  • Evaluate the possibility of offensive content in each image with built-in ratings — Very Unlikely, Unlikely, Possible, Likely and Very Likely. 
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Screenshot of 2 unsafe screenshots from the report.

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