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Tracking with Screenshots

See the visual evidence of present &/or past history of activities with high-resolution screenshots.

Uncover Compliance Risks with Screenshot Capture

Observe user activity with screenshots to discover compliance risks. 

  • Configure timing through alarms to only trigger screenshots when necessary.
  • Capture screenshots of every users’ activities, or only specific activities from a team of users. 
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A page titled Most Recent Screenshots Per User and shows 6 different screenshots.

Understand Context

See what happened and when making the process of solving different problems easier. 

  • View captured screenshots to determine what a user did prior to the discovery of an issue.
  • See essential details like how many tabs or windows were open, what applications were running in the background, or what error messages popped up.
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ActivTrak dashboard showing the Alarm Log for employee productivity monitoring.

The words Trust Radius in blue text.

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