Why ActivTrak?

Productivity, Security and Compliance on Autopilot

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What Makes ActivTrak Unique?

ActivTrak low total cost of ownership icon

Low Total Cost of Ownership

A lightweight agent with nothing to upgrade or maintain

ActivTrak flexible platform support icon

Flexible Platform Support

Natively supports Windows, Mac, Chrome, Terminal Services, and VDI

ActivTrak microservices architecture icon

Microservices Architechture

On-demand upgrades and patches take minutes instead of months

ActivTrak coud native platform icon

Cloud Native Platform

Leverages robust, built-in Google Cloud Platform features for enhanced security, data redaction OCR, and big data analytics

ActivTrak Easy Visualization of Activity Data icon

Easy Visualization of Activity Data

No need for log scraping or other time-intensive ways to get at the actual data

ActivTrak Easy to use icon

Easy to Use

Deploy agents and see data in minutes

ActivTrak Comprehensive Analytcs Dashboard icon

Comprehensive Analytcs Dashboard

Bite-size key insights all available on one page

ActivTrak Affordable Pricing icon

Affordable Pricing

Per User pricing with flexible annual or monthly billing

ActivTrak Integrates with 3rd Party Applications icon

Integrates with 3rd Party Applications

Export, query and integrate data with other business sources

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10 Smartest Productivity Software to Improve Your Work Performance

ActivTrak is a business intelligence tool that allows you to access team behavior analytics. In other words, it is data-driven.

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ActivTrak Reviews

The single thing that impressed us most about the company behind this product was that it discusses openly on its website the downsides of deploying surveillance software and the legal pitfalls.

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Boost Productivity with ActivTrak

ActivTrak’s business intelligence platform helps small, medium, and enterprise-level organizations monitor employee activity to drive performance.

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