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The Challenge:
How to use workforce analytics to optimize productivity

Workforce Analytics helps provide organizations with key user behavior insights – what does workforce productivity and engagement look like, how can we improve it, and where do we have inefficient workflows to optimize? These insights pose opportunities and challenges as organizations try to use the data to ultimately achieve better outcomes for both employer and employees.


Workforce Analytics can help solve the following challenges:

  • Identifying gaps in workforce productivity
  • Resolving Inefficient business processes
  • Boosting collaboration across remote employees &/or teams
  • Improving visibility to factors driving employee turnover

The Solution:
ActivTrak – Visibility and analysis of workforce productivity

ActivTrak collects user activity data and insights in context so you can analyze workforce behaviors and take action on the findings to enhance productivity, business processes and the overall employee experience.



  • Measure and improve productivity
  • Drive engagement and reduce employee turnover
  • Review findings and improve processes
  • Optimize software tool usage and spend
  • Understand collaboration patterns across teams


How can ActivTrak workforce analytics help improve productivity?

Analyze workforce productivity & uncover gaps

Productivity Measurement begins with the collection and analysis of activity data. ActivTrak collects data and assigns a “Productive” and “Unproductive” label to common applications and websites used by employees. These productivity values have colors that are easily visible on reports and the dashboard.

  • View a daily summary of individual and team productivity at-a-glance with Team Pulse.
  • Drill-down into reports for details on top performers, and top applications usage.
  • See productivity user behavior analytics to understand trends and areas for improvement.
  • Measure focus scores and benchmarks of team productivity.
  • Uncover distractions and view comparisons across teams.
  • Compare trends by displaying the data by day, week, or month.
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Use workforce analytics to drive engagement & reduce turnover

If productivity is decreasing, it may be an indicator of burnout. It’s important to encourage breaks and healthy work habits. With ActivTrak’s user behavior analytics, managers can identify employees who may be struggling before they become disengaged and turnover becomes a problem.

  • Learn workload patterns to identify misaligned skill sets.
  • Identify employees with excessive social media use which may indicate burnout or flight risk.
  • Leverage trend reports to find the right workload balance for each team member.
  • Share productivity trends with employees and teams to drive engagement.
  • Get onboarding insights of new hire ramp up time to find if any business processes need refining.
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Correlate data sources to analyze deeper workforce trends

Integrating ActivTrak’s user activity data with other data sources such as Salesforce, ZenDesk, Jira, etc. provides even deeper analysis to further improve business operations. ActivTrak’s ActivConnect gives direct access into key user behavioral activity data to query and correlate with external sources.

  • Export and query ActivTrak data for deep analysis of productivity and focus.
  • ‘Slice & dice’ user activity data to identify patterns and analyze trends.
  • Leverage pre-configured dashboard templates for Tableau and Power BI or create your own.
  • Generate personalized reports of Application Usage, Productivity Trends, Collaboration and Compliance.
  • Integrate activity data with other business application data (e.g. CRM, EPM, SIEM, etc.)
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Use workforce analytics to track application usage & reduce spend

Use ActivTrak’s workforce analytics to discover all of the applications used in your organization. Manage application proliferation by seeing how often employees use the tools, and if that facilitates productive work. Determine which application licenses are necessary to operations and which can be eliminated and or reallocated to other employees.

  • Take inventory of all applications and websites used by employees and teams.
  • View application and website utilization levels and determine how many licenses you really need.
  • Identify frequently used unproductive apps or websites and set usage limits.
  • Ensure software apps are compliant to approved standards list.
  • Uncover apps with redundant functionality to reduce license costs and streamline business processes.
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Understand collaboration across local & remote teams

A workforce with both in-office and remote teams introduces a mix of variables to manage including different work schedules, collaboration tools and systems usage. ActivTrak helps you uncover workflow patterns and potential gaps, track time management and analyze collaboration behavior across remote and in-office teams.

  • Understand work durations and trends for both remote and in-office employees.
  • Understand tools employees use most by categories such as messaging, email, meetings, etc.
  • Track apps and sites activity to uncover if employees have the right tools for their roles.
  • Locate patterns where employees spend too much time searching for information they need.
  • Leverage data insights to understand dispersed teams’ collaboration behavior.
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Our Approach to Workforce Analytics and Employee Monitoring

Improving team productivity requires the collection and monitoring of data to establish a baseline upon which you can measure improvement. In the past, this has been associated with employee monitoring. We know employee monitoring and activity analysis have a mixed history and association with harsh employee supervision and heavy oversight. ActivTrak intends to change that perspective by focusing on the real output of employee monitoring: improved team productivity.

We designed ActivTrak with ethical intentions:

with founding principles of transparency, collaboration and informed insight. We’ve purposefully developed a powerful platform that focuses on the collection of contextual data, avoiding invasive employee monitoring technologies like continuous screenshots and keystroke logging.

We welcome users of our product to join us on our journey to transition employee monitoring from the days of oversight and into the results and data-driven space that is team productivity insights and optimization of work.

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