ActivTrak for Microsoft Teams

Connecting ActivTrak workforce productivity analytics with Microsoft Teams extends the powerful value data insights can provide across your organization.

ActivTrak in MS Teams

Enhance Microsoft Teams with powerful ActivTrak insights

Many organizations spend the day meeting, sharing files and collaborating in MS Teams. ActivTrak brings together its valuable workforce productivity insights with those workflows via its connector to MS Teams. Get visibility into ActivTrak workforce productivity data at your fingertips all within the MS Teams app to improve visibility and business results.

ActivTrak for MS Teams lets you easily view workforce metrics and get answers to questions in key areas of Productivity, Applications Usage and Collaboration Trends to give you the most impactful analysis.

Productivity Patterns

  • Is my team spending appropriate time on productive activities?
  • How is the team’s productivity trending week over week?
  • Who are the top productive members of my team and what is the team average?
  • Are my team members working too many hours and at risk of burnout?

Applications Usage & Collaboration Trends

  • Is my team working on activities aligned with their roles?
  • Is there a scope of improvement?
  • Does my team spend too much time in meetings?
  • Are there unused apps or SaaS applications which we can remove to save costs?


Immediate visibility to key workforce productivity data

View ActivTrak productivity data inline with your MS Teams daily workflow

No need to learn and train your workforce on a new software tool

Broad access and sharing of productivity metrics across your teams

Harness powerful insights of your workforce to improve business results

How Does it Work?

ActivTrak for MS Teams is part of ActivTrak’s Data Connect analytics tool. Leverage pre-built Power BI dashboards with your ActivTrak user activity data that you can embed into a MS Teams tab or Chat channel of your choosing. With one click, switch between viewing ActivTrak analytics dashboards and your other daily workflows inside MS Teams where your teams’ conversations are happening.

ActivTrak Data Connect

3 database servers of different colors and heights with a gray arrow going from one to the others.


Microsoft Connection Sources

power BI

MS Teams

ActivTrak pre-built dashboards for MS Teams

  • Application Usage
  • Unused software licenses
  • Top productivity users
  • Team productivity patterns
  • Employee burnout risk
  • Collaboration trends
  • Compliance alerts
ActivTrak Collaboration Trends in MS Teams ActivTrak Productivity leaderboard Report in MS Teams ActivTrak Apps and Sites Usage Report in MS Teams

Explore Templates for MS Teams

ActivTrak Productivity Trend Report in MS Teams
ActivTrak Productivity leaderboard Report in MS Teams
ActivTrak Burnout Risk Score in MS Teams
ActivTrak Collaboration Trends in MS Teams
ActivTrak Apps and Sites Usage Report in MS Teams
ActivTrak Unused apps report in MS Teams

Productivity Trends

See top performers & team productivity trends week over week. Instantly gauge individual as well as team performance. Identify and measure the productivity of your entire team, for any desired period of time.

Productivity Leaderboard

Establish a benchmark for average productivity across your team and measure the performance of each team member in a given week. Quickly assess, benchmark and understand team and individual productivity. Quantify gains and changes over short and long-term.

Burnout Risk

Identify valuable insights in your organization related to work activity habits as well as potential signs of burn-out. Understand workload across teams and identify training and work-distribution issues. Uncover opportunities to recognize top-performers and also reduce potential for employee attrition.

Collaboration Trends

Understand how your team communicates and collaborates both internally and externally. Uncover if teams have sufficient time to focus on completing work. Validate time is spent in the right areas and teams are effectively communicating and collaborating.

Application & Site Usage

View your company usage of SaaS applications, websites and on-prem (locally installed) applications inside of Microsoft Teams. Determine which applications are being used and the frequency. Obtain granular measurements for each application by team and by user. Understand license utilization and growth trends for license capacity planning and budgeting.

Unused Applications

Discover which applications exist in your organization, but are not being used by team and individuals for a given timeframe. The information is reported both for SaaS applications and locally installed applications. Eliminate costly software licenses not used and save budget by rightsizing license agreements for the organization.

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