ActivConnect Templates

Quickly generate detailed reports with pre-built templates for Tableau, Power BI and Google Data Studio that you can customize.

Leverage Key Insights from Your Workforce Activity Data!

Utilize starter templates that provide deep productivity insights of your workforce including application usage, productivity trends, collaboration and compliance.

Power BI

Identify individuals that are overutilized (burnout risk) or underutilized (low engagement) compared to their productive hrs/day goals.

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A workload balance employee engagement report showing utilization pattern, utilization trend analysis, breaks, works habits.

Google Data Studio

View applications and tools employees use by percent of time.

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Gauge how time is spent across individuals and teams and gather insight into normal working habits.

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Extract Comprehensive Behavioral Data for Deeper Analysis

ActivConnect’s powerful set of API connectors and tools are available with Advanced and Premium plans.

Included with ActivTrak Advanced

  • Activity details
  • Group information

Included with ActivTrak Premium

ActivConnect Advanced activity logs and group information plus:

  • Premium Insights – focus, collaboration, multitasking, breaks
  • Benchmarks – whole team, top quartile performers
  • Team Goals – productivity hours/day, focus hours/day

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